Chester Popiolkowski
Member since 1983
E-mail President

Vice President
Jeff Bono
Member since 2006
E-mail Vice President
Kim Howell

Nancy Franjoine
Member since 1977
Director of Training
Debbie Szetela

Director of Operations
Tim Marshall
Member since 2004
E-mail Operations

Director of Maintenance
Andy Parker
E-mail Maintenance
Amy Revelas
Director of Membership
Allison Revelas
E-mail Membership

Allison joined LVAC in 2007 as a way to give back to the community she grew up in. She is a state-certified EMT-Intermediate who is also certified in CPR, PALS, ITLS and ACLS. A 2007 graduate of Lancaster High School, Allison is a registered nurse at Mercy Hospital of Buffalo. She co-chairs the membership and public relations committees.
William T. Revelas

Bill joined LVAC in 1981 to put his EMT training to better use. He is a past chief and active life member of the Lancaster Fire Department. A New York State certified Code Enforcement Officer, Bill is a fire safety inspector at the University at Buffalo and for the Town of Lancaster. He met his wife, Nancy, at LVAC where he is a dispatcher. Their daughters, Allison and Amy, are also active LVAC members.
Medical Director
Dr. Joe Bart
E-mail Medical Director

A medical director in general provides oversight to the medical care, delivery, protocols, training and assurance of quality. My role at LVAC is to maintain a high level of emergency medical care through the delivery of concept based EMS education and preparation, delivered by well trained EMS professionals. I will maintain oversight of credentials, education and quality of care issues. Through education, training and adoption of quality research, the office of the Medical Director will aim to ensure that the men and woman of LVAC are well-trained and highly skilled providers.

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