Councilman lauds LVAC at annual awards dinner


“I’m proud to say you have a supporter for life, in me.”
— Lancaster Councilman John M. Abraham Jr.

LVAC held its annual awards dinner and installation of officers on Feb. 8, 2014 at the Lancaster Elks Lodge.

Lancaster Councilman John M. Abraham Jr. served as Master of Ceremonies. He was made an honorary member of LVAC for his support of the Corps, including sponsoring a resolution unanimously passed by the Town Board in 2013 to renew the town’s contract with LVAC.

“When your contract came up for renewal in 2013 it was a no-brainer that your organization deserved the support of the town,” he said. “I’m proud to say you have a supporter for life, in me.”

Abraham also assisted the Corps in finding new workers’ compensation insurance coverage for its volunteers.

“This is going to be a tremendous savings in dollars, financially, for us,” LVAC President Chester Popiolkowski said. “LVAC has taken on broader and more complex management responsibilities.”

In his President’s Address, Popiolkowski noted that LVAC responded quickly to several serious incidents in 2013.

“We were there fast when some kids were electrocuted by goal posts this past summer,” he said. “When the elderly residents of the Lancaster Towers call for our help, we’re there fast. When a teenage girl suffered a cardiac arrest at the high school last spring, we were there fast. LVAC made a difference because we operate here.”

Popiolkowski read from a thank you note written by the family of the teenage girl who survived the cardiac arrest and is now planning on going off to college.

“We are incredibly blessed to live in a community that supports LVAC,” the note said. “We are lucky to have such smart, capable, talented heroes living among us.”

Emergency medicine can be challenging but also rewarding, Popiolkowski said.

“It’s not easy to be repeatedly in the midst of other peoples’ most difficult personal and emotional events,” he said. “But it is exhilarating when you have been able to turn the course of those events around through your skill and your knowledge.”

Abraham said in his keynote address that he was proud to support LVAC, noting that the Corps has grown along with the town and villages it serves from a small agency with a single station wagon in 1953 to a $1 million operation with six ambulances today.

“Your organization shows a level of commitment to this community that cannot be matched by any other EMS service in the area,” he said.

The following LVAC members were sworn in by Abraham to their offices on the Board of Directors: Chester Popiolkowski, president; Jeff Bono, vice president; Charlotte Basher, secretary; Larry Pohl, director of operations; Tim Marshall, director of maintenance; Greg Jankiewicz, director of training; Allison Revelas, general director.

The following awards were also given:

Volunteer of the Year

  • Amy Revelas

Employee of the Year

  • Mark Accurso

Rookie of the Year

  • Scott Marciano

Top 3 Calls Taken

  1. Todd Okoniewski (289 calls)
  2. Nicholas Zielinski (241 calls)
  3. Andrew Parker (88 calls)

Top 3 Squad Hours

  1. Nicholas Zielinski (1,489 hours)
  2. Todd Okoniewski (1,352 hours)
  3. Andrew Parker

Length of Service Pins

35 Years

  • John Adolf
  • Nancy Franjoine

15 Years

  • Mark Wetzler

10 Years

  • Paul Schnitzer

5 Years

  • Joseph Popiolkowski

1 Year

  • Chris Beehag
  • Daniel McCarthy
  • Taqua Jordan
  • Ronald Stock
  • Matthew Nelson

LVAC Paramedic Nick Barton received a special pin for delivering a baby in 2013.

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