Fund drive appeal

Dear Neighbor,

"When you call on us, we’ll be there." Chester Popiolkowski, LVAC president

The Lancaster Volunteer Ambulance Corps has provided emergency medical services to the Town of Lancaster, the Village of Lancaster, and the Village of Depew since 1953. LVAC has grown into a highly sophisticated emergency medical operation with six ambulances, manned by well trained Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians.

LVAC’s response time to a call is less than 5 minutes. The citizens of Lancaster and Depew agreed with us that a hometown based ambulance service is a critical community asset and the most efficient response system for local emergency care.

LVAC has expanded to meet the demand of a growing community. LVAC does not receive any financial support from local tax dollars. LVAC pays its cost through third party billing and an annual fund drive in the community.

Our Fund Drive will be ending soon. LVAC members are your neighbors. When you call on us, we’ll be there. If you haven’t already, please consider helping us…now…with a much needed and appreciated contribution.

Thank you,

Chester J. Popiolkowski

Chester Popiolkowski
President – Lancaster Volunteer Ambulance Corps

LVAC welcomes new members; call our squad room at 683-3282 for more information.

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