Spring 2017 EMT course schedule posted

County Course # is 104 original. 104R Refresher/recert This course is sponsored by Erie County EMS. To register, please call 716-681-6070. Do not LVAC.

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Course cost : if your fire/Ems squad has an active EMS agency code the course is free. However, if you do not have an active code the course is $775 for original course and $425 for the refresher payable by money order or certified check. Payment is done through the county not the instructor.

If you’re not sure of your departments’ status you can also call 681-6070 to confirm their status. The book we are using is the Aaos 11th edition of “Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick or Injured.”

Student is responsible for their book either by purchasing on their own or having their department purchase. During the course student will be assigned various assignments by the instructor for completion. ICS 100 and 700 and AWR160 courses are required to be completed and bring a certificate to class if you have completed.

Students who have not completed will be given the websites on the first night of class. Refresher students who have completed NYS 2015 protocol update on backboarding/tourniquets who either have their quiz grade printout or certificate are also asked to bring a copy to class as well.

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